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cost of planting an acre of maize in kenya

Important maize planting tips: In order to get a good maize crop, ... they lose an average of 2½ bags of maize per acre per week. We offer wide range, state of the art tests in Agricultural…, Best Technical off Farm and On Farm Advice on soil…, We offer wide range of technologies and techniques…, Articles on crop disease, protection, soil science…, Plants balance nutrition with a healthy dose of macronutrients…, Handy videos about crop trials, crop protection and best farming…, Real stories, real farmers success with a little help from Cropnuts…, Cropnuts help desk. With the twofold problem of food insecurity and declining soil fertility in mind, this report provides an insight into the real costs of an agricultural system that focuses on maize as the only crop, and offers concrete solutions to mitigate these costs. Planting fertilizer kg/acre 100 75 Top dress fertilizer kg/acre 100 150 Level of commercialization 93% 96% It ensures all farm resources are well utilized, reduces wastage and unnecessary expenses and increases yields. Cost of land preparation: However, planting in October may be feasible on vleis or when there is … Mr Ibeere insured an acre of maize at Sh1,000 and got a Sh7, 500 compensation. You may Grow Through a maize growing budget for one acre, I will demonstrate that to produce 60 bags, a farmer would require to spend Ksh 59,094 and hence a production cost per bag of Ksh 984. The first step to Babu’s profitable maize farming as advised by CropNuts was to conduct a soil test â€“ which gave an analysis of what the soil lacked and what inputs were needed to correct and improve the soil. One of them being missed targets in regards to crop yields, wasting fertilizer in the case where fertilizer is fed mechanically because the machine puts fertilizer where there are no seeds. Thank you for signing up for our newsletter. He used to harvest 2500 kilos of coffee from his trees. Weeds lead to a decrease in yields because they compete with the crop for much needed nutrients. The Youth Agro-environmental Initiative cannot be held liable for any error, loss or other consequences which may arise from you relying on the information provided here. Maize (corn) yatta. Spacing is 90cm by 30cm. Broiler  Chicken  production is one of the mos... Cabbage is one of the most popular vegetables grown for cooking and use in salads in Kenya . benefit from the moisture available. Seed treatment should be done if necessary. TECHNOLOGY Maize farming in Kenya – For business and Food. Maize in India is considered to be the third most important cereal crop after rice and wheat. The central … Cost of one kilogram maize is Rs.400. While the Youth Agro-environmental Initiative has made every effort to ensure that this material is accurate and up-to-date, you should exercise your own independent skill and judgment when using it. However, an acre of land can produce up to 4 bags each 90kg where a kilo of the grain goes at Sh100 in the local market. Maize Farming Success Story. “I love it here,” he says as he gives us a tour of the farm. Currently, the production has increased and it is estimated that India exports around 7 lakh metric ton… ... Zai pits are pits are planting pits with a diameter of 20-40 cm and a depth of 10-20 cm, with application of manure, where up to nine maize seed are planted. Maali says the cost varies from farmer to farmer depending on many factors including labour, source of inputs and the technology used among others. Infestation and damage by pests have been ranked as the third most important constraint upon maize production in semi-arid eastern Kenya after moisture stress and poor soil fertility (Songa et al., 2002). In the highland and medium areas where the soils are well-drained sandy-loam soils, planting depth of 2 to 3 cm is optimal, as deep seed placement retards germination and emergence of maize seedlings. Make over Ksh 70, 000 from 1 acre green maize in Kenya, Earn a million in 6 months by growing an acre of garlic herb in Kenya, Make 1million in three months from Growing Chilli / Sweet pepper / Capsicum in Kenya, Small Scale Broiler Chicken Business Plan, Growing cabbages in Kenya for wealth and employment creation (Brassica oleraceae), Growing Tree Tomato plants (tamarillo) in Kenya, Earn a Million in 10 months from dairy farming in Kenya, Make Ksh 500,000 per acre in 3 months from Water melon Fruit growing in Kenya, Passion Fruit Farming Makes Millionaires in Kenya, DOUBLE COBBING FAST MATURING DROUGHT TOLERANT MAIZE. We meet 24 year old Babuh on his parents’ expansive 700 acre farm in Endebes town, Trans Nzoia County. In India, the major maize growing states are Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. In 2018 the cost of maize production reduced to KES 1,781 from KES 1,804 in 2017 largely on account of good rains and reduced pests and diseases. for early crop root establishment.Email to place your order. A plot of barley – 10 metres long by 2 metres in length – that […], Ann Muturi, a greenhouse farmer in Kenya’s Kiambu county, has a capsicum farming success story that will rekindle your hope in tomato & capsicum farming Successful Graduate Farmer Ann has won many hats in the past from being a student of math and chemistry at university level, an IT professional and an NGO practitioner to […]. Musyoka, 2D. Sunbelt farm as it’s called is a great example of maize farming success story in Kenya. Ploughing cost would be Ksh.1500 an acre, Ksh.1200 for harrowing, Ksh.2000 fertilizer, Ksh.3000 for chemicals, and Ksh.1500 for harvesting costs. The plant’s scientific name is Brass... TREE TOMATO FARMING MANUAL IS NOW AVAILABLE DUE TO PUBLIC DEMAND. Maize is a primary staple for 96 per cent of Kenyans, and over 75 per cent of total maize output is produced by smallholder farmers. laboratory analytics and expert agricultural advice in Africa. The total production cost of maize in Kenya is a quarter of the total produce, meaning, the net income is Sh80,000 per acre. Successful maize farming in this case means abandoning traditional methods of thinking around farming and allowing experts who understand the science of farming to handle your agricultural needs. Maize needs 450 to 600 mm of water per season, which is mainly acquired from the soil moisture reserves. Cost of planting an acre at Ksh.50 per line is Ksh.4000 to Ksh.5500. Every year many maize farmers suffer getting losses due to one problem or the other. Fill in your details below and one of our representatives will get in touch with you. ... Maize farmers in Kenya are required to ensure that their soils are well structured if they are to gain optimum yields. Not having a proper calendar of activities may mean that you might spray in the afternoon on alternative days. Pittchar, 1P. i Integrated Striga Management in Africa Project Constraints and Opportunities of Maize Production in Western Kenya A baseline assessment of Striga extent, severity, and control technologies 1J. “Shortage of rains has been an issue in this region; therefore, many avoided farming. You are able to alter the yield range in this table. Profitable maize farming in Kenya is becoming a reality for most farmers who are readily taking up new technologies to help them to drastically improve yield. The sunny weather is perfect since maize can rot and grow toxic molds when exposed to moisture. So, for total 8 kilograms it costs around Rs.3200. maize production versus sustainable maize production systems in Zambia’s Central Province. Maize for Grain Economics The economics of growing maize for grain are dependent on growing costs, crop yield and the price received per tonne of grain ($/tonne). The top soil is mixed with farm yard manure at a ratio of 4:1 While subsistence farmers may not be keen on having a business plan for each season of planting, commercial maize farming requires a detailed guide for success. Nyagol, 1G. Maize farming is very easy and it’s not labour intensive.Further more Improved crop nutrition led to increased yields. square hole measuring 75 x 75 x 30 (cm) will accommodates nine maize Maize Since time immemorial, maize, especially dry maize, has been Kenya’s staple food with almost every household in Kenya consuming it. 2016 i Looking at the farm from a high vantage point and seeing its rolling beauty gave us a glimpse on why the smart telecommunications engineer would opt for a life on the farm as opposed to a fast paced career in the corporate world. The other challenge on the farm was pests especially the fall armyworm and fungal disease (rust) which were  contained by spraying the appropriate pesticides and fungicides. P.O. Other Maize hybrid varities; Cost of cultivation for 1-acre Maize cultivation Cost of seed material: Around 8 kilograms seeds are required for one acre maize cultivation. Maize Production in Kenya . Propagation and planting. Cost of planting a line with sweet potato vines: Ksh.50. In 2017 however, the story was different and they recorded a tremendous increase in the harvest and continue to do so. We sunk a borehole for irrigation and hired some labourers,” he says. Table 1: Growing cost ($) per tonne of dry matter . Weeds which were a major problem on the farm were contained by spraying an appropriate herbicide and manually removing the weeds. Apply 12.5 tons of organic manure 30 days before planting. For a more profitable maize farming, Cropnuts advised Sadique not just on the appropriate pesticide and fungicide but also on when these pesticides and fungicides needed to be sprayed. Kenya. fertilizers. Manure ratio can be reduced while growing maize in zai food security and ensuring decent lives for farmers. Trials are a huge part of making progress in farming, and back in September 2018 we harvested something truly special. While some farmers prefer to sell the green maize, others prefer to wait for it to dry. An acre will have anywhere from 80 to 110 lines depending on your spacing. Passion fruit farming has become popular in Kenya, for example the North rift farmers are moving away from maize to passion which has better returns, cheaper to maintain and ready market going as far as Uganda. A farmer from Kirinyaga County has resorted to green maize cultivation earning about Sh100,000 gross profit per season which is four times higher as compared to growing the crop for dry grains, a venture he abandoned a year ago. To learn more about our yield-enhancing farm advisory services, please click the “Agronomy services” link below: Order our services and get to know how to improve your soil for better yeilds. His coffee yields were “stuck” because of the “law of minimum” […], Barley farming in Kenya is setting new yield records as witnessed in various barley trials conducted in Timau, Meru County. The amount of pasture lost during the maize growing season will vary between paddocks, farms and districts. Maize silage cost per MJME assumes a maize silage energy content of 10.8 MJME/kgDM. Apply 100kg/ha DAP during planting, 200kg/ha CAN/urea during topdressing in two splits. According to Food and Agriculture Organization records, at the farm level dairy activities are estimated to generate, for eve... Make Ksh 25,500 per month from 200 quail’s only Quail Returns are quite impressive at a price of Ksh10 per e... Water melons are delicious red fleshed refreshing fruits commonly eaten as desserts. Maize in Kenya is planted by small and large-scale farmers alike. They also decrease the soil’s health by depleting minerals from it. One acre will accommodate 1778 planting pits each measuring 75 x 75 x cm which gives plant population of 16000 at 9 plants per hole. A line costs Ksh.50. This is Stephen, a smallholder coffee farmer from Central Kenya. The value of pasture lost during the maize growing season has not been considered in the calculation of the maize silage drymatter cost. He says he has permanent farm workers and this helps him save some money. 6) Greenhouse farming Cost-Profit Analysis . This also leads to an overgrowth of weeds because you end up putting fertilizer on weeds. Garlic farming agribusiness is quite lucrative. The challenge of low plant population was solved by ensuring that the farm machinery (planter) was calibrated correctly. acre will accommodate 1778 planting pits each measuring 75 x 75 x cm The intervention by CropNuts led the farm to harvest 32 bags per acre from a meagre 6 bags per acre. Maize is the main staple food of over 85 per cent of the population in Kenya.The per capital consumption ranges between 98 to 100 kilograms which translates to at least 2700 thousand metric tonnes Annualy. This table shows the growing cost per tonne of dry matter for a range of yields per hectare. A farmer growing groundnuts on the other side is likely to harvest up to 2 tonnes per acre. Mr Wakaba has built two water tanks with a volume of 70,000 and 30,000 litres and installed an automatic drip irrigation system. Marechera, 1G.Omanya, and 3M.Oluoch 1The African Agricultural Technology Foundation 2International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology You should also seek professional advice relevant to your own circumstances. Having a calendar of activities is another hallmark of profitable maize farming in Kenya. “We planted more bananas and pawpaw. Market price of one bag of maize in Kenya, $30 equivalent to ksh3000. Thank you for your email. According to National Farmers Information Service (NAFIS), a kilo of groundnuts currently retails at Sh150. Garlic herb is a relative of bulb onions. Fall armyworm control requires that you spray early morning or late evening when fall armyworm larvae comes out to feed. We meet 24 year old Babuh on his parents’ expansive 700 acre farm in Endebes town, Trans Nzoia County. With the increase of zero grazing dairy farms, hay farming profit per acre as been increasing over the years. Spacing from hole to hole is 75cm. Cost of Production for Maize & Rice in Kenya, 2017 Presented by Tim Njagi Fairveiw Hotel, 5th October, 2017 . As Sadique attests, embracing modern methods of farming through expert advice is how to reap maximum benefits and profits from your farm. In gross margin analysis for maize production for one acre of land in Kenya, a farmer can harvest a total of 30-60 bags, if the crop husbandry was achieved effectively. which gives plant population of 16000 at 9 plants per hole. green maize has good demand everywhere during the dry season. The total average production of maize is estimated to be around 2.5 metric tonnes per hectare annually. What is the expected yield of maize per acre in Yatta region of Kenya? Kenya Seed Company: Popular varieties from the company for medium altitude zones include: H624, H524, H525, and H526.

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