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focus group questions

The focus here is on your company -- not the larger industry landscape or your competitors. We give you the insight you need to write all types of focus group questions with the help of proven examples and expert advice. Questions to recruit participants. Kindly select your employment type: 4. Note: X could be a product or brand name, a service, an action, or a subject area. General employee focus group questions will most likely make employees give general responses. To ensure this is the case, establish clear criteria for inclusion and screen all potential members against these requirements. It should be quiet, comfortable, and convenient. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. Ask: "Why do I want to conduct a focus group?" Historically this was heavily slanted towards generating a focus group discussion aimed at gaining insight into products and services. Why it’s a poor question: It’s also a leading question and pushes the respondent towards a particular answer. You never know what might be revealed if you give participants time to chat openly at the end. The questions can be bucketed under the following: Would you be the one using this product/service most in your household/job? Thanks for attending this focus group about X. I personally took the train today with an entire middle-school marching band in purple striped uniforms. Marketing departments are often more familiar with focus groups than with usability testing or contextual interviews. where the … You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. - What do you think it is about X that makes you feel that way? Carefully control the flow of the conversation and encourage everyone to contribute, 10. Instead, set clear boundaries by, for instance, asking members to tell you about “one incident” or to give you “two examples”. Please state your family status: Don't worry if the conversation seems to stray far from your brand, as the insights that people end up sharing will likely reveal what's significant to them in their life and work. Help them to access their feelings and perceptions by using non-standard question formats. A focus group is a qualitative research methodology that brings together a small group of carefully chosen individuals under the guidance of a moderator to discuss a topic in detail and collect in-depth opinion. In your opinion, what are three problems – if you believe any exist – with our service? Instead, use wording that leaves the floor entirely open for participants. What thoughts, feelings, and associations come to mind first when you think about X? Would you talk to a sales rep, or would you rather purchase it on your own? These questions are intended to spark discussion about the brands in your industry that are top-of-mind for consumers. Much of the success of group interviewing can be attributed to the development of this open environment. Don’t focus so heavily on generating exploration questions that you neglect to prepare introductory and exit queries or fail to consider the precise wording of potential follow-up questions. If you could either have this product/service or the equivalent dollar value for you/your business, which would you choose? In a focus group, a group of about 10 people meet with a moderator in a guided discussion based on a set of research questions. Focus groups are a traditional market research technique. 1. To encourage honesty, avoid agreeing with any disparaging comments that your participants make about your competitors. Be Clear About Project Goals. - What do you mean when you say “X”? To get the most out of a focus group, you’ll want to engage participants and get them excited about contributing. On the other hand, if you’re launching a new product for a major brand, it might be worth the extra money to hire a firm to manage the process for you. (A professionally managed focus group research can cost around $6,000 or more, depending on project requirements.). These questions must incite conversation and, ultimately, give you the validation you’re looking for. How would you ideally like to buy this product? In short, focus groups are a good way to gather in-depth information about a community’s thoughts and opinions on a topic. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '560aa80b-9e0b-4615-851c-f23e4f49b62f', {}); Originally published Nov 12, 2020 2:19:00 PM, updated November 13 2020. Do you think there are related topics we should have covered, but didn’t? Such interviews brought together a group of people into a discussion planned priorly and moderated formally by the researcher or facilitator.. Usually, Focus Group interviews are conducted in the planning phase of a new product.Before its development, suggestions, and opinions fit the model into its buyers’ needs, it becomes essential. What's one strategy or tactic you think is underrated in our industry? Write main questions in the focus group questionnaire - moderator's guide. You want the question to be a jumping off point for the group. Did you have any thoughts on this topic that you wanted to share? Is there anything we didn’t touch on that you feel is important? Once the exit questions have been asked, don’t rush to wrap up the discussion. Open-ended questions can be daunting at first. Use open-ended questions and avoid "yes" or "no" questions. Employee engagement focus group questions should be created in such a way that they elicit the views of employees on specific topics and issues. My preferred method of doing this is through face-to-face and telephone focus groups (I invented telephone groups in 1969), the latest techniques for getting beneath the surface (see my article ‘Getting Beneath the Surface in Focus Groups,’ and ‘Getting to the Right Psychological Level in Focus Groups,’) and other interviewing techniques. Any successful content strategy prioritizes what's most engaging and interesting for your target buyer persona, so a focus group can be an effective way to be sure that you're producing material on the right topics and in the medium that your audience wants to consume. A better version: What do you like and what do you dislike about the fragrance of our skincare range? Other suggestions in developing questions for focus group sessions include: a. Why it’s a poor question: Double questions and questions with multiple components just confuse participants and result in weaker responses or no response at all. What are the first three apps you open on your phone in the morning? That's a fascinating point that [name] just said -- what do you all think of that? Building an Evidence Base for Nonprobability Sample Sizes. The difference for the focus group interview protocol is that, while qualitative researchers will often create a list of questions and continue moving down the line, focus group interviews utilize what are known as prompts. These eleven questions are intended to help you understand the demand for a new product or service. Questions for Building Trust Among Focus Group … Keep the following advice in mind to ensure that you develop questions that yield qualitative data that’s of maximum value to you. What's one task on which you feel you spend way too much time? 1. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Pre-Session ... Set of Questions 3. What is/was your first reaction to the product? Community agency? When you use our all-surface chalk paint, what do you usually use it for? Featured Resource: Market Research Focus Group Template. Describe your job title and your day-to-day responsibilities. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. Who are the people in our industry who you look to as experts? What words or feelings come to mind when you think about our company? For instance: These questions will help you understand how people truly feel about your brand, product, or service. These focus group questions are employed after a primary exploratory question has been answered in order to dig deeper, collect more information about an interesting assertion, clarify anything that’s unclear, or invite other participants to comment on a point that’s been made. Where do you usually shop for household cleaning products? Strong focus group questions are critical to successful market research. How familiar are you with the product? Do you agree or disagree with [name]'s statement, and why? What is your initial reaction to this name? If not, who would be? How often do you/would you use this type of product? If group members feel humiliated or misunderstood, they’ll withdraw and contribute little to the discussion. While it’s best to follow a discussion guide, if valuable new topics and ideas arise, facilitators should be able to adapt the script somewhat to allow for exploration of these unanticipated areas. The recommended pattern for introducing the group discussion includes: (1) Welcome, (2) Overview of the topic (3) Ground rules and (4) First question. You might be looking to develop a content strategy for your brand, branch out into a new content medium, or simply generate new content ideas. 5. For example, a small business owner looking to validate a new marketing plan may opt to organize and run the focus group themselves. Go through your script and delete any question that doesn’t entirely deserve to be there, that’s not likely to generate new information or that can be answered through other means. However, hearing from the other participants will spark reflection on various aspects of your product or service. Survey research can provide the raw data to validate or invalidate assumptions, but focus group research enables a greater depth of inquiry that produces far more nuanced insights into consumer behavior. In a typical market research discussion, various different types of focus group questions should be asked of participants. Here is an example of a typical introduction: Lucy also recommends HubSpot's free Market Research Kit. What other products/services come to mind when you look at this one? Is there anything we haven't touched on today that you'd like us to know? What do you envision is the lifespan of this product/service before you upgrade or replace it? o Conduct same-gender sessions when possible Relevance: Ensure that only members for whom the content of the focus group is relevant are invited to participate (e.g., if the focus group is about a specific program, invite only those who Focus Group Sample Questions for Products. When and how did you first come across our brand/product/service? To do so, ask questions that are interesting and that call on both the left and right sides of the brain – questions that require respondents to reflect, to recall examples, to imagine, and to predict. What is the social media platform (Facebook, Instagram etc.) (Specify what type of communication here -- product updates, renewal notices, product/service coaching, meeting reminders, urgent alerts, etc.). Why didn't you go with one of our competitors? When it’s necessary to fine-tune the focus of an advertising campaign What do they do to serve you well? What do you like about this product that you may not find in a similar one? Prioritize questions that define the scope of the potential answers, 7. Recheck your goals. Unless central to the research objective, avoid questions about sensitive or contentious matters, 10. ABC is the best rated shampoo. What is a Focus Group? How likely are you to recommend our product/service to a friend? Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. What do you think about the process of booking a table at a restaurant? Know What Information Is Already Available. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at this logo design? This way, you can also return to the recording and listen multiple times. The common practice is to invite one and one-half as many people as you want to come (for a 66% response rate). During the initial brainstorm, make sure you develop questions that fall into each of the categories described above. Neutral. As you can see in the graph below, it’s safest to conduct between three and six sessions if you want to be confident you’ve identified the vast majority of relevant themes. Building an Evidence Base for Nonprobability Sample Sizes. It may be difficult to hear the answers to these questions, but turning customer pain points around will elevate your product or service to the next level. Recognize that it can be daunting for anyone (especially people with whom you've built relationships) to share negative feedback, so thank them for their candor. What can you ask beyond "What do you think of our product?" How Many Focus Groups Are Enough? You don’t want to discover that this is the case in the live focus group setting, so assemble a few individuals beforehand and trial the queries with them. Where would you buy this product/service? What do you consider to be name of institution’s overall strengths? Avoid stopping conversation here unless the group gets completely sidetracked. We're committed to your privacy. Include stimulating queries that call for creativity and analytical thinking, 11. Simply copy-and-paste the questions you like below into the notetaking template for a ready-to-go, printable document you can bring to the session. (Example: "What words come to mind when you think of food delivery?"). A people person who knows how to handle both extroverts and introverts is ideal. What is the biggest challenge you face in your role/when it comes to the problem to which this product is a solution? Do you or any of your family members work in any of the following sectors? If the discussion feels contrived, participants are less likely to share their thoughts openly. Focus group questions. Tell me about your best experience with an e-commerce store? Ground Rules 4. This all helps to improve attendance and motivation. The following questions are helpful for running word association brainstorms and generating potential names or parts of names for a new product or company. In a typical focus group, participants talk. Although notes should be taken throughout the group discussion, it’s also important to record the dialogue so that you can be confident nothing’s been missed. What three factors do you consider when purchasing a new appliance? Why it’s a poor question: Participants can answer “yes” or “no” without any further elaboration, so it reveals very little about the topic. Focus groups help you get different information than you can get from a simple customer survey because of the dynamic interaction that occurs when people discuss things. What’s the one thing our product doesn’t do that you wish it did? What are you ultimately hoping to discover by conducting a focus group? ), What words come to mind when you think of our product category? Be sure to ask introductory questions that will steer and drive the discussion in the way you want it to go. Questions can be both, open-ended questions and close-ended questions. Some businesses rely on consultants, SEO firms or Pay-Per-Click ads to try and get placement i... How to Run a Focus Group for Your Business. Tell me about one time when you called the customer service number about a delivery problem? 2. Special early adopters pricing, normally $99 a month, How Many Focus Groups Are Enough? Define the purpose and main topics of the interview/focus group: Be able to explain in your own words (not reading the introduction of the protocol) what the purpose of the interview/focus group is and what the main topics are that you will be asking about. Start with the end goal and work backwards, 2. Incentives 7. For many companies, answers to these questions will only be answered days or weeks after the project begins. When you need to assess opinions about a current service or website feature a. Post-Session. What gaps do you see in the content about our industry online? Focus group questions asked participants about the underlying root causes of health issues that they see in their communities and specific strategies for addressing those health needs. Companies just like yours are trying to rank on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Leading an employee focus group takes skill, but with the right tips and a bit of practice, you’ll be well on your way. Inappropriate question: Did you like the program? Focus Groups and Interview Questions The prompts are included to assist the facilitator in probing for understanding. Make sure questions don’t alienate or shame participants, 9. I know I am looking forward to a hike this Saturday! Exploration Questions. Participants should be able to decide how much they want to share with the group -- don't force anyone to share something they may not feel comfortable sharing. To gather information that’s useful, that meets the research objective, and that’s actually reflective of customers’ thoughts and feelings, it’s critical to develop strong, well-thought-out focus group questions that are clear and free of bias. Select a facilitator who’s familiar enough with the research topic to guide the session, but who will also approach the group discussion from a neutral position. When you're browsing online, on which websites do you spend most of your time? Moderator(s) of Focus Groups must be _____. However, among the many items in an executive’s repertoire exists a powerful tool that can help them answer these questions before the project commences: focus groups. How do you define success in your role/your life? Dr. Beverly Peters has written recently about qualitative interviewing and conducting and using focus groups. Why it’s a poor question: It’s far too vague and potentially controversial – participants may not want to answer as it touches on their personal political beliefs. Can you give an example of when and how you last used X? Free and premium plans, Customer service software. If you do have to touch on sensitive topics, word questions carefully so that group members feel like they can share as much or as little as they’re comfortable with, and without judgment. Examples Seek input from everyone involved to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the aim(s) of the research. What Is a Focus Group and Why Is It Invaluable in Market Research? But if you’re a focus group beginner, you may have some questions about how to run a focus group. 3. A focus group consists of a group of individuals who are asked questions about their opinions and attitudes Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence also known as the emotional quotient (EQ) is the ability to manage one's emotions and the emotions of others. Salmons also recommends that if you need to ask about religious or political beliefs, you do so in a closed manner (for instance, you could ask members to provide a rating on a scale from 1 to 10). Focus Group Questions There are multiple types of questions that can be asked in a focus group. As mentioned earlier, for focus group success, effective questions must be developed beforehand. (Specify the dollar value of your product/service when asking this question. Download the Template. Please use the guide below during the focus group. Social media posts? Do you like the fragrance of our skincare range? Whether your focus group is there to give feedback on a product or service or help you assess how your brand stands out in your competitive landscape, thought-provoking, open-ended questions are essential to a productive discussion. As Janet Salmons, principal consultant for Vision2Lead and author of the book Doing Qualitative Research Online, says, “Focus groups are beneficial when you are interested in how participants respond not only to the product or service in question, but also to each other and the mood of the group as a whole. b. When you think about the product, do you think of it as something you absolutely need, something you could do without, or something that's somewhere in the middle? Why it’s a poor question: It’s loaded, reflects the moderator’s biases, and could potentially sway the participant’s response. If questions are too technical or intellectual, participants won’t relax into the exchange. How could the sales representative help her choose the best laptop for her needs? Which of these steps do you take when you are purchasing electronics online: 1) read professional tests and ratings reviews, 2) read users’ comments, or 3) look at the device at a retail store? You could also create a vignette that participants can discuss, like this example supplied by Salmons: A customer who uses a desktop at work was looking for a new laptop to use at home. Why questions tend to imply a rational answer. Why? Avoid defending your product or service or setting any limitations on these questions. What will you do to unwind over the weekend? Thank you for participating in this focus group. This... 2. Total Addressable Market (TAM): What It Is & How You Can Calculate It, 7 Online Marketing Metrics to Beat Competition Online. A prompt can be a statement or question that you throw out to your focus group participants, and then just take a step back. How would you describe someone who you think would use this product/service? - What did you do when that happened? Written by Lucy Alexander 2. And there you have it! What commercial brand communities in social media do you belong to? Am I right that this packaging design looks a little less professional than the other? Cover all the different types of focus group questions, 3.Keep wording conversational and use the language of the participants, 4. It gets details and expands answers. Most focus group moderators ask no more than eight to 12 questions. As the name suggests, this type of focus group question is used to dive deep … Positive questions should also be asked before negative ones. Know... 3. If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about our product/service, what would it be? Talk to the project stakeholders and learn what information is critical to the... 2. Challenge your participants to reflect more on the points they've made if you hear something that you're curious about. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. These are helpful in removing any biases that you and your team might have as people who work in the industry and know various players very well. How did you get here, and what was one funny or unusual thing you saw along the way? Be sure to allow each group member who has something to say to speak up before moving on to the next question. Field Methods, 29(1). Leading questions, like “Did that make you feel like X”, create the impression that a certain response is more desirable than others. How much would you be willing to pay for a product like this? They will be utilized only when necessary. What are your thoughts on our public education system? Don’t confuse group members with lengthy questions that have multiple parts or that could be interpreted in various ways. Select a setting for the focus group that lends itself to productive conversation. While you can and should vary the use of closed (dichotomous) questions, restricted questions (those that limit potential answers to a few options), and open-ended questions (those that make room for complex answers), remember to put the emphasis on the latter so that you can get into the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of consumer behavior and keep the conversation flowing. 10 minutes) Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. (extremely, somewhat, or not familiar at all) Here are some tips for writing effective questions: Keep them open-ended. Today we’ll be chatting about X. Here is an example, Main question “What is the biggest problem with brand X?” If you follow the tips above and focus much of your energy on developing strong questions, you should find that your focus group discussion runs smoothly and yields positive results.

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