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jcps school board candidates 2020

Like Dr. Pollio, the business community, and the Courier Journal editorial board, I support the tax increase. We must ensure social studies curricula reflect the contributions and experiences of many peoples, not only of white Europeans. Kolb, the board’s vice chairman, is the only candidate to file statements with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. I support full transparency and will commit to finding ways to enhance efficiency at all levels. 2019-2020 JCPS Student Calendar. I'm willing to listen to the community, to the parents, to the experts, and make informed decisions by bringing all of those different voices together. A candidate for the Jefferson County school board has shared unsubstantiated conservative theories … I will be sure that every student will have resources readily available to them and their parents so that all students are able to succeed and thrive. Election 2020:Where do school board candidates stand on JCPS issues? Unfortunately, the local school system does not have the ability to control the rate of community transmission of COVID-19. JCPS tax increase to move forward after judge tossed petition that forced it on the ballot for voters to decide 3 seats up for grabs on Jefferson County Public School Board; Hear from the candidates Making this choice a reality will require investing many more resources in new and existing schools in west Louisville. I'm a huge supporter of the funding increase for JCPS. Here's what the candidates in the contested races had to say. Students with IEPs, 504 plans, and belonging to historically underserved communities must experience positive outcomes resulting from any changes. Minggu, 07 Juni 2020. In Jefferson County, there are seven seats on the Board of Education. Author: Rose … I don't see any way to get students back into schools and teachers back into schools, safely before the vaccine is readily available. Many Kentuckians are suffering financially due to the pandemic. And that's really what drives me to run for things rather than having some sweeping agenda or thinking that somebody's not doing a great job. We must put more teachers in high-need schools to reduce class size. So, not because I had some wholesale disapproval approval of Dr. Kolb's performance. And it's hard. Related: JCPS to challenge petition against proposed tax increase. Blair Oaks winning streak ends. I also see what our educators are going through. The most pronounced effect of police in schools is to criminalize routine student behaviors and cite or arrest children for low-level offenses. They should vote for me because the first thing that I would want to do as a board member is to expand the board. Not at this time. I say all of that to say we are in need, as a district. Especially when we consider that taxpayers spend $11,000 a year per student for the education that JCPS has given recently. [I] also have the experience and educational background with school leadership and budgeting and policy and school law that is so important, because sometimes there are things that we want to do, but we also have to understand the processes by which those things can occur, and all the different layers that go into that. JCPS tax increase to move forward after judge tossed petition that forced it on the ballot for voters to decide 3 seats up for grabs on Jefferson County Public School Board; Hear from the candidates LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Three seats on the Jefferson County Board of Education are up for election this November. Watch our video series to see answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.. Key Election Dates. But personally I'm happy to vote for the tax increase I'm happy to encourage people to do the same. Election Security Information. I believe community voices must be included and our most vulnerable populations' needs considered. jefferson.kyschools.us/about/leadership/board-education, JCPS to challenge petition against proposed tax increase, West End kids could go to school closer to home under JCPS proposal, Amid racial justice protests, Louisville Brown School looks to change its name, JCPS will review controversial mascots and school names with racial equity plan, "Tammy Stewart for school board district #7", JCPS wants to change how it assigns kids to schools. I'm running to increase parent oversight in our schools and to expand the kinds of work JCPS can do in the area of racial justice & equity. You might like our ELECTION RESEARCH … Students have been bused out of the communities for over 40 years and that hasn't helped to reduce the achievement gap as it was intended to do. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. I became a WSU faculty member assigned to Jefferson County. The field of eight District 4 school board candidates is the largest in recent history. Every school in JCPS should be a place their community is proud of. I feel like our kids deserve 21st century learning spaces as well. Sarah McIntosh and Tammy Stewart are running to fill that seat. Election 2020: 6th School Board District. The field of eight District 4 school board candidates is the largest in recent history. But before I do that, I know that we've got a lot of work left to do and I'll ask for people's support so that we can continue that work. The 2020 elections will come at a pivotal time as JCPS grapples with the coronavirus pandemic's effect on education, likely rocking school funding. A systemwide in-house security force could be nothing short of a disaster. My first term on the school board has been filled with many different crises, from the state takeover effort to fending off all of Matt Bevin’s harmful policies, and now dealing with the coronavirus. How do you think JCPS should approach issues of racial equity? Honestly, it does go beyond experience. Current District Seven board member Chris Brady is not seeking reelection. The planned 3-½% raise and experience step for employees was eliminated. Employee-Sponsored Student Scholarship Fund 2020 . Start the day smarter. I would prefer local bottom up decisions, than system wide decisions. The process needs to be simplified and easier for families to navigate. Blair Oaks fell 28-35 against the Catholic school that is … As a JCPS graduate and a JCPS parent, I could not sit and watch as incompetence, greed, and partisan politics destroyed the schools that made me who I am. Incumbent Joseph Marshall is running unopposed for the District Four seat. This - JCPS Board Of Education District 3 Candidates Talk Funding, Student Assignment- -Vote Louisville - Everything About The Election I support the dual-resides option recently presented as a start, but more needs to be done. And there are concerns that I have…that he wouldn't be focusing on that I would like to present to people, for them to consider. How the embattled school system required more funds and voted to increase property taxes is worth considering. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. Every parent will have the ability to say we are going to continue doing online learning. Why did you want to run for the JCPS Board of Education? Sarah McIntosh, JCPS mother and former teacher and Tammy Stewart, former JCPS bus driver are running for the seat. However, per KRS 161.164: (1) No employee of the local school district shall take part in the management or activities of any political campaign for school board. Right now students have been doing NTI since the beginning of the school year. All students and staff have a right to a safe environment. Because it seemed like something was being forced or something was being done in another world where there wasn't a pandemic going on where people weren't out of their jobs. Do you support the JCPS property tax increase? Research is clear that attracting and retaining highly effective teachers is vital to achieving equity. Four JCPS schools named Bright Spots in Kentucky Education. Alluding to the likely appeal, Craig said, "Everyone must still vote Yes for JCPS, because we expect further legal challenges." Miss USA 2020 is the first Black woman to represent Mississippi . As I considered it, it seemed like the next logical step in public school advocacy to take on a leadership role because I do have experience in the classroom but also as a parent. We must provide for our children ourselves. But I'm also not so stubborn to think that I know everything. All are non-partisan, and voters elect representation based on where they live. For all students to attend a school near their home, new ones must be built. The seats for Districts 2, 4 and 7 will be the ballot this November. Why or why not? The Board is responsible for educational planning and evaluation, staffing and appraisal, school facilities, financial resources and communication. Come November, the board … I want kids back in school as soon as possible. Jody Hurt is a musician and entrepreneur. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Home Home. Four years ago, our school system was in crisis. Atherton, Greathouse, Kenwood, Laukhuf named to list. The three seats up for election on Nov. 3 will serve until 2024. I'm the parent of an elementary school child myself so I see every day the challenges within NTI. School Board 2020: Candidate Questionnaire. Election 2020: Where do school board candidates stand on JCPS issues? We must not ignore disparities between schools. While I am in favor of enhanced safety measures, I remain adamantly opposed to law enforcement in schools. The Jefferson County Board of Education is the policy-making body of the school district. Four of the seven seats on the Rock Hill Schools Board of Trustees are up in 2020. I've also worked in the buildings. She has two children in JCPS. We must provide competitive compensation so the best and brightest enter and stay in the profession. So there's nobody coming to our rescue with more money, we're just going to have to do it ourselves. James Craig was elected to the Jefferson County Board of Education in November 2018. So if we put 100,000 kids back in school, it's going to just cause the rate of COVID to explode in Jefferson County to an even higher level than it already is. Occupation: Musician and management consultant, Facebook page: "Jody Hurt for JCPS Board". LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The JCPS Board of Education has seven seats. So we'll wait and see if that happens on November 3, and then we'll move forward with the best plan possible for our students, depending on that outcome. Inequality at any level is unacceptable. That in combination (with) the automatic 4% increase, I feel there will be enough money to meet their goals. I'm going to vote for the tax increase myself. JCPS must financially invest in its students and facilities. I know that that is, I think, my strongest point…Anyone who has worked with me or known me for any length of time knows that I am not easily bullied. No one is coming to our rescue. I want to bring discipline, accountability, structure and responsibility at all levels back to our schools. Against long odds and with the community’s help, we won the election in 2016. Do you think students should be able to return to school in person right now? I prefer that to the board, saying for 100,000 students, that we have these certain set of values. Four years ago, our school system was in crisis. Running for District Two are incumbent Dr. Chris Kolb and challenger Jody Hurt. The other four board members were elected in November 2018, and will be up for reelection in 2022. Inclusive curriculum, analysis of policies and processes, appropriate supports, and community partnerships are necessary to remove barriers to achievement and create multiple pathways to success. I've had to sacrifice career opportunities in order to stay home with my children to be able to do this. Yes. And my philosophy is basically that if you want to be involved in things, you should run for something. Published 2:19 PM EDT Jun 7, 2020. Voters can see which district they're in at: jefferson.kyschools.us/about/leadership/board-education. I do not think I know all the answers, nor do I think anyone on the board does, nor even the superintendent. In District 7, which covers the eastern portion of the county, two candidates are vying to replace current board member Chris Brady, who is not seeking reelection. My focus will be looking at cutting costs and reallocating money in areas where it is needed most. We must reject institutional racism in student discipline and law enforcement in schools, which is proven to harm African American students while providing no safety benefit. My two decades of experience has prepared me to lead discussions on ways to improve achievement, utilize meaningful accountability measures and embrace 21st century learning. Are you for or against the JCPS tax increases currently on the ballot? Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. Election 2020: School Board Candidates In District 7 Stewart, who was a bus driver for JCPS for four years, opposed the tax-increase, which appeared on the ballot. I am in favor of schools having some type of security force or resource officers. And in District 2, which covers the Highlands area, the race features a contest between the incumbent, Chris Kolb, and a challenger, Jody Hurt. Are you for or against the JCPS tax increase currently on the ballot? The proper PPE, that we have all of the resources that we need, the materials that we need to properly clean and sanitize the buildings and keep everybody safe. And so, I'm fully aware of the impact and what it's taken for families to make this work. The seats for Districts 2, 4 and 7 will be the ballot this November. I was very critical of how they did it. Election 2020: Where do school board candidates stand on JCPS issues? Until they do that, there's really not much hope for getting kids back in school. I'd like to end my term on the board as soon as I can, but I'd like to make sure that the work that we've started comes to fruition. I think a lot of times when people look at the overall budget of JCPS and they see that it's over a billion dollars, that's a staggering number. View and print the 2019-2020 JCPS student calendar here. School Board Races And The Future Of JCPS. The 2019-2020 calendar was presented to the Board of Education for a first-reading at their October 2018 meeting. Stewart, a retired JCPS bus driver, had earned 37% of the votes, according to the clerk's office. Here's a break down of the candidates in our surrounding counties. For more information, click here. (WTXL) — As the 2020 elections quickly approaches, there are several superintendent of schools seats up for grabs. There's absolutely no question that kids would be doing much better, we would all be doing much better, if they could be in school. The seats for Districts 2, 4 and 7 will be the ballot this November. Two of the three races are contested, with current Jefferson County Public Schools board member Joe Marshall running unopposed for his District 4 seat that covers southwest Louisville. JCPS adding WiFi to 11 school parking lots . Now that we’ve righted the ship, we must keep school board members who support Dr. Pollio and his push for transformative change that will make JCPS the model for education in urban America. Meanwhile, places like Lexington are building new schools at a much faster rate than we are. Are you in favor of JCPS having an in-house security force? A lot of kids are going to come back to us needing additional resources and support, and that usually comes in the form of hiring additional personnel and that's going to take financial resources. it was passed during a global pandemic, where many of us have lost jobs, with no attempt to engage the community, and 2.) LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Results for three seats that were up for election on the Jefferson County Public School Board have been decided. November’s ballot will include seven new candidates running for three available board seats. The state government has cut funding to us 16%, [the] federal government continues to underfund things that they promised to provide for our kids. School board elections are often overlooked, but with critical changes at Jefferson County Public Schools and three open seats, 2012 will be a historic year. Election 2020:Where do school board candidates stand on JCPS issues? Whether it's federal statutes and state regulations and things like that. Three of them are at home doing NTI every day. I do think our youngest learners could probably go back as long as everything is in place that we need. I believe that there are ideas that I would bring to the table that he would not. School board members serve four-year terms. STE. Tammy Stewart did not answer our request for an interview. For a board to make that decision without having done a large PR push in the middle of a pandemic was a step that I believe actually hurt the credibility of the institution. St. Croix Valley Gifted will not host a 2020 Family Friendly Candidate Meet & Greet. I think we've made a lot of progress over the last four years, but we still have a lot of work to do. We have failed to provide resources that many kids in JCPS need to succeed, and our teachers have faced declining wages while they spend their own money on supplies.

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